State of the Vedas  

It is deplorable as only 13 sakhas are traceable out of the over 1100 that collated by Bhagawan Veda Vyaasa many thousands of years ago. Out of these 13, only 3 or 4 {Sakala of Rig Veda, Taittriya of Yajur Veda & Gautama of Saama Veda} are regularly & popularly {!} taught. The remaining sakhas are facing extinction! Very few Masters are living to teach these sakhas & even fewer Vidyarthis are willing to take up the study of the Vedas.   

Our bounden duty  

The practice of Vedic Dharma will ensure moral uplift, communal harmony, tolerance, non-violence and ultimate peace of mind. As communities move away from the Vedic Dharma, we find strife, disharmony and tension all round between communities and peoples. We are duty bound to revive the Vedic Studies and restore at least a modicum of the lost glory and splendour. In fact we need to proceed on war footing in this regard. 

Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Trust Veda Patasalas' role in this regard

Sri Seetharama gurukulam trust is Public Charitable Trusts [registered under section 80 G of the I.T. Act] constituted in 1968 & 1972 respectively by the directions Brahmasri Nannilam V. Rajagopala ganapatigal (Trustee Sri Seetharama gurukulam trust) He qualified as Krishna yajur veda Salakshna ganantha and Meemamsa nyaya vedantha sastras  and srowthas 

Capital expenses and Funding

The Sri Seetharama gurukulam trust is recognised as a Public Charitable Trust by the  IT Act by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. This is a Permanent Registration valid forever!! 

Admission Policy

The Vidyarthis from all subjects are admitted without any discrimination. Srutis & Smritis stipulate that only this community can do Adhyayanam [learn] & also Adhyapanam [and teach]; There are no fees, no charges for lodging and food is entirely free.

Current expenses (As 0f year 2017-2018)

The expenses currently average @ Rs. 55,000/- to Rs. 60,000 per year per Vidyarthi including food, the equated expenses of salaries for Teachers' & other staff/ administrative overheads. The Stipends are remitted as an insurance premium to provide for life cover by LIC in addition to the payment of the maturity amount. 

The expenses for the Patasalas were Rs. THIRTY lakhs during 2017-18 F-Y. It is a labor of love for many Teachers as we are paying them much less than what they deserve and what they will get if they were to practice their profession outside. We are restructuring their emoluments in stages.

However, notwithstanding this, the Veda Patasalas are proving to be exemplary models of growth. The Vidyarthis are being examined regularly.  

See Auditing Report on financial year 2017-2018(Assesment Year 2018-2019) PDF

See Auditing Report on financial year 2016-2017(Assesment Year 2017-2018) PDF

See Auditing Report on financial year 2015-2016(Assesment Year 2016-2017) PDF

Future Expansion Plans

The proposed expansion plans are to i) create an ambience for higher studies in Saastras, (such as MPhil and PhD, ii) institutionalize the training of Ganapatis & Veda Baashya Adhikaris, iii) set up an infrastructure to develop research in ancient Granthams in all three philosophies etc. 

Strategic Vision 

The Strategic Vision of developing the Patasala is an essential act in our Trust Mission to rectify the current apathy of our community towards the study of Vedas. 

Our Appeal

We need very strong financial support from all concerned persons to develop Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Trust Veda Patasala as model Institutions. Running a Veda Patasala is an extraordinarily tough job at the best of times.

We appeal to you to extend your helping hand for this massive project & contribute your mite for the revenue and/or the capital expenses of maintaining the Patasalas. The table below shows some items of expenses;

These are just indicators to give an idea of the huge expenses involved. We will welcome any amounts as contributions YathA Shakthi Yath Kinchathu Hiranyam  ALL contributions {regardless of quantum} will be received gratefully and applied faithfully. 

Cheques & drafts may kindly be drawn in favour of "Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Trust" & couriered to Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Trust NewNo 486 old No 176 T T K Road Alwarpet Chemnnai 600018{Te; 9381061946 & 9445215674}. Tax exemption under 80(G) is available for such contributions. 


"Dharma protects one who protects it". Any one can take up the path laid out in the Vedas. He can also do Dharma towards the cause of Vedic Education

Donors who wish to support the development of Vedic studies may join in any of the following schemes tabled  below as per the choice of the donor for a day on any auspicious or memorable day viz., Marriage day, Birth day, parent's memory day, etc..

Donations are To Seetharama Gurukulam Trust eligible for 80G Exception
80G No. DIT(E)No 2(84)2008-2009  / Dated 12.10.2009





*Adhoc Donation Amount

Amount for endowment**
(Corpus Fund)

*Please see the note below


Vedas & Shastras Siksha (Education) Rakshana Endowment :

(One student's maintenance expenses per month around Rs.2000/- (Towards boarding, clothing, medical treatment, study materials and other maintenance expenses,)

Rs.24000/-  P.A., 
 per student

Rs. 3,50,000/-


*Part of the expenses of Lunch feeding (Samaradhana) to Vedic Students per day

Rs. 1725/-

Rs. 25000/-


Special Samaradhana: (Special meals are served)




Dhal plus one bag of rice (25 Kgs.)




One Time Vasthram Distribution :

(a)    To all Students

(b)    To all Vedic, Sastra teachers, staff and vidyarthis



Rs. 1,25,000/-

Rs. 2,50000/-


Cash Award Endowment: Donations received for this scheme are accumulated and utilized for distribution of " Cash Award " and other merit awards (in cash & kind) with certificate  to meritorious  students  in the Annual Day celebrations every year,

Rs. 6500/-



Promote Carnatic Sangeth Scheme
(see details in link)(Part of the expenses)
conducting competitions and  Award For
Karnatic Vocal Music Competition  Winners

Rs. 6500/-



Promote Vedic Prayoga Scheem (see details in link)
(Part of the expenses)

Kalpa shree (Vedic Prayoga) award for winner
Conducted various competitions in Vedic activities)

Rs. 6500/-



Promote Sanskrit & Sastra Scheme
(see details in link)
(Part of the expenses)
 conducting monthly Sastra
(vyakarana- meemamsa-vedantha-tarka)Vakyartha

Kalpa shree (Vedic Prayoga) award for winner
Conducted various competitions in Vedic activities)

Rs. 6500/-


 Date of Samaradhana / other schemes are not exclusively reserved for one individual donor. Hence, adhoc amount is fixed with a view to give an opportunity to the donors to participate in the above mentioned schemes and our per day average expenses are also shared.

** 'Corpus' fund for endowment is fixed to yield an income to cover the donation amount to each scheme as per prevailing rate of interest.
Those who wish to create permanent endowment are requested to use
'Covering Letter for Permanent Endowment' given below.
Please send your contribution the Demand Draft/ C B S Multi City Cheque in favour of Seetharama Gurukulam Trust and mail the same to address mentioned in the form.



A. Donations sent for creating permanent endowment will be treated as "Corpus" to this institution.

B. The "Corpus Fund" will be invested in Fixed Deposits to avail maximum rate of interest with the institutions recognized by Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act. The proceeds of the 'Corpus Fund' will be utilized to fulfill the object of the endowment for the purpose it is set apart / development of Vedic studies.

C. After conducting the samaradhana on the specified date, Sri Veda Matha's prasadam will be sent. Prior intimation of date of samaradhana is not given for donors who have created endowment.

D. The endowment amount is fixed as per the present students strength and prevailing cost of commodities.

E. (a) Samaradhana to Vedic vidyarthis is considered as sacred deed. Hence an individual can conduct Samaradhana on the occasion of Marriage dates, Birth dates (Janma Nakshathram, etc.)

(b)The samaradhana (Bhojan to Vedic vidyarthis) to Vedic Vidyarthis in memory of a person related to concerned donor is being performed as said in Dharma Shastra, which gives Aathma Shanthi to the departed soul. Hence, samaradhana alone is being conducted to vedic vidyarthis. (Only the Kartha has the right to conduct Sraaddha to their respective departed family members. An institution cannot conduct the same on behalf of the Kartha.

In case your date of samaradhana comes during Patasala's holidays of the Patasala, You may please give/choose an alternate date and the date may be intimated while sending your contribution.

Mode of Payment :Your Contributions For Veda Patasala & other Trust Activities by online

Alternate Mode of Payment : 

You Can Pay Your CONTRIBUTION Amount by net banking:

Bank :  State Bank of India, 

Branch: C.P.Ramaswamy Road-Chennai.600018,

Account Name: M/S Seetharama Gurukulam Trust   

Current Account No:00000035724188923,

IFSC Code: SBIN0040203

The Donations/Contributions are accepted by Cash/Cheques/Demand drafts  If you would like to send a
Cheque, Money Order, Pay order or Demand Draft, (as per the sponsor amount  mentioned above)  
send it in favor of "Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Trust " send it to Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Trust (Regd)
New no 486 old no 176 T T K Road, Alwarpet. Chennai. 600018. Tamil Nadu. INDIA 
Phone : +(91)-44-.  E-mail


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