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Universal Recognition of Vedas  

The Vedas, as per the great Savant of India Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak, are "timeless" and the earliest "date of origin" is unknown. Even the great western Savants, such as Max Mueller, RW Emerson, Monier Williams & Sir Arnold Toynbee and our own inimitable Jawaharlal Nehru have described Vedas as the "greatest Heritage of Humanity". 

UNESCO has declared that Vedas are "World Heritage" & that Rig Veda has to be preserved for posterity. Last year, the US Senate commenced a session with the recital of the Vedas! The entire world has realised that the Vedas are a common treasure of all races, communities and religions as Vedas propagate the concept of VASUDEIVA KUTUMBAKAM {UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD}. 

Some German Universities are conducting top secret research in the study of Vedas they feel that the Swaras of Vedic Recitation are very much akin to the basic computer Algorithms {0 1 01 10 etc!}. The Indo French Research Institute in Puducherry is engaged in transliteration of all old Vedic & Other Granthams in European languages.   

Vedas are not just an Indian Heritage but are also great Universal Treasures of Knowledge & Highest Spiritual Wisdom. To protect and preserve our ancient heritage of our ancestors, we need to protect and preserve the Study of Vedas, so the future generations are blessed with the unique spiritual aspect of Vedas.

In essence, Vedas are a common treasure for the entire Universe as they teach the "Oneness of all life". The future generations would thus be doubly blessed and would lead a more fruitful existence without stress and strife but with only love & goodwill.

State of the Vedas  

It is deplorable as only 13 sakhas are traceable out of the over 1100 that collated by Bhagawan Veda Vyaasa many thousands of years ago. Out of these 13, only 3 or 4 {Sakala of Rg Veda, Taittriya of Yajur Veda & Gautama of Saama Veda} are regularly & popularly {!} taught. The remaining sakhas are facing extinction! Very few Masters are living to teach these sakhas & even fewer Vidyarthis are willing to take up the study of the Vedas.   

Our bounden duty  

The practice of Vedic Dharma will ensure moral uplift, communal harmony, tolerance, non-violence and ultimate peace of mind. As communities move away from the Vedic Dharma, we find strife, disharmony and tension all round between communities and peoples. We are duty bound to revive the Vedic Studies and restore at least a modicum of the lost glory and splendour. In fact we need to proceed on war footing in this regard. 

Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Trust Veda Patasalas' role in this regard

Sri Seetharama gurukulam trust is Public Charitable Trusts [registered under section 80 G of the I.T. Act] constituted in 1968 & 1972 respectively by the directions Brahmasri Nannilam V. Rajagopala ganapatigal (Trustee Sri Seetharama gurukulam trust) He qualified as Krishna yajur veda Salakshna ganantha and Meemamsa nyaya vedantha sastras  and srowthas


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